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What is linky?

the NFC business card that takes networking to the next level! With Linky, you can easily share your contact information and digital content with just a tap of your smartphone. Simply place your Linky card near the NFC-enabled device and watch as your information is instantly transmitted.

Connecting with people. Instantly.


With a mere tap on your phone, you can share your contact details.

Save on cost

Remove a recurring line item from your expense sheet.

Reduce waste

Limit your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on paper — and look good doing it.


With Linky card, you can stand from the crowd and make memorable connections.

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Yes, we can make custom cards

truly custom and personalized for your looks

how to order a custom linky card

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Designing it

We can accommodate all the necessary designs for the card.

Printing it

We will add the custom QR code on the back and print it out.

Sending it

Immediately after printing the card, we will mail it to you.

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